4 months is a long time between updates! 4 completed builds and many more Group Builds added!

My first Diorama started!Lots has happened in my personal life since the last update and has gone at such a pace I've been unable to keep up with my build diaries to update you all! However, after 4 months I'm back again and I've also had plenty done in modelling! I finished my first 'Battle of Britain - 75 years' project with the classic Spitfire/109 dogfight (To view the build diary, click here). I have kept myself busy with 3 Group Builds on the go at the same time, one has been finished, which is the Airfix Tribute Forum's FW-190 Group Build, which I had 2 Butcher Birds built for it. I haven't got round to writing the build diary for this, but you can see the pics here. I have also started my first Diorama which I am close to finishing, to have a look, visit On the Workbench. I have also joined a couple more forums since last update in order to get some more Group Builds on the go to keep me busy and more of a variety of subjects, I might need to get myself a diary to keep track of them all, to see what's in the pipeline, take a look at the Group Builds section where they will appear under the Future Group Builds menu! Hopefully my next update won't take as long and I can keep on top of things, so until next time, happy viewing!

Ben Batten : 14th October, 2015

ATF 9th Anniversary Group Build Complete 5 months in, 9 builds down!

Desert Double!Exactly a month has passed and 3 more builds complete as the building pace picks up! After my first holiday break from work has now been and gone, I was able to complete my fifth group build of the year with the ATF 9th Anniversary Group Build bearing my most enjoyable builds of the year so far! (To view the build diary, click here) Although my builds for the Airfix Early Military Jet group build has stalled somewhat, I have made a start to the Battle of Britain - 75 Years builds with the first Dogfight Double, of which the 109 is completed, to view this build, go to On the Workbench. That's it for now, so until next time!

Ben Batten : 8th June, 2015

New Section, 1 Group Build and 1 Future Build complete! Plus 2 Group Builds Started!

Look at my shiny engines!It's been over a month without contact and plenty has been done! After the Future Builds section was uploaded last month, I have news of a new section of the site, Battle of Britain - 75 Years, which is now open and ready to view from the menu bar on the left!
In build news, 2 more kits have been completed, one being the Fighter & Escort Build-Off subject, the Gloster Meteor F.3 (build diary here) and the first build from the Future Builds section, the 109 Foreign Legion Swiss Airforce Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 (build diary here). I have also started Group Builds for the Airfix Early Military Jet and ATF 9th Anniversary group builds, which includes in total 4 subjects, 3 of which have been started, go to the Group Build section to see the progress which has been made so far!

Ben Batten : 8th May, 2015

Group Build Complete After a slow start, they're coming thick and fast!

The whistling death ready for take-off!Get ready for the first RAF Jet in 2 versions, one after the other! The Stuka is now finished after less than a month, see the completed build diary here. Now I'm working on the Fighter & Escort Build-Off, the first of two variants of Meteor, a 1/48 Tamiya F.3, to check my progress on my latest build, click here
In other news, I have joined 3 more group builds, 2 of which start this month, which is to involve 3 planes, 2 of my favourites (Spitfire & Bf109 Tropical versions) for the ATF 9th Anniversay GB and the second Meteor, the F.8 for the Early Jet GB. Plus a Diorama GB which will take place towards the end of the year (Sept or Oct).

Ben Batten : 2nd April, 2015

Group Build Complete The Nightstalkers are in the Air!

Here come the Nightstalkers!2nd and 3rd for the year are complete and the 4th is on it's way! After a very profitable period off shift, the Mossie is now complete which has made the Nightstalkers Group Build complete and the finished article is here. As I was on a roll getting the Mossie finished, it was time to start the Stuka for my Dive Bomber & Attack Build-Off, which due to the fantastic quality of the Academy kit I have used for it, I have nearly finished already, to check my progress on my latest build, click here

Ben Batten : 14th March, 2015

Build Complete Dambusters Lanc ready for take-off!

The Lanc has been finished!The modelling year for 2015 has officially started, the first build has been completed! After 2 months of hard work, the first of this years builds and my Bomber Build-Off group build subject has now been completed, the Dambusters Avro Lancaster Mk.III, complete with Bouncing Bomb trolly! To view the completed build, click here. In other news, even though I haven't completed the Arado just yet, I have now started the second Nightstalkers build that will join it, the Mossie! To catch up with the Nightstalkers GB, click here

Ben Batten : 26th February, 2015

Group Build Updates Long overdue update!

A Labour of Love for Valentines Day!Time for a Valentine's Day treat for you model lovers! A month since my last update, due to seen and unforseen circumstances, I have almost finished both the Lancaster and Arado, but still a bit more to do on both. To view the updates for these builds, go to "On The Workbench" page or the Group Build section of the site!

Ben Batten : 14th February, 2015

Group Build Updates plenty of progress made!

The Lanc is coming on nicely!I have made significant strides in the past few days with my group builds and have posted the pictures and details for all to see. The Lancaster is really begining to take shape in the Bomber Group build and I have decided the subject/s for my Nightstalker Group Build and have also made a start to the build. To view these updates, go to "On The Workbench" page or the Group Build section of the site!

Ben Batten : 15th January, 2015

Welcome to Ben's Builds website launch

Hi there, my name is Ben, welcome to Ben's Builds! This is the launch of my new website which will chart my progress as a scale modeller.

In these pages I hope to give you all a look into my modelling projects & group builds which I will be participating in from now on and also a look into my past builds which have got me where I am today.

I have 2 menus to choose from, the left consists of single pages & the top consists of particular subjects

Thank you for viewing and please enjoy!

Ben Batten : January, 2015